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Joseph D. Perello, LLA, RLA, PP
Named Vice President & Principal of SCE

Fast Growing Engineering and Design Firm Strengthens Resources

Mt. Arlington, New Jersey, July 3, 2012 – SCE announced today that Joseph D. Perello, LLA, RLA, PP, a Licensed Landscape Architect and Project Manager of the firm has advanced his position in the company to Vice President and Principal.  As Project Manager on a variety of SCE projects including parks and recreation facilities, athletic facilities, sport complexes and urban design projects, Mr. Perello brings his wealth of knowledge gained from more than 25 years of experience on award winning projects for public and private clients throughout the northeast region of the country. Mr. Perello’s new position as Vice President and Principal of the firm has further strengthened SCE’s company portfolio by providing professional services consistent with the industry’s growing need for high-quality innovative projects, which are completed expeditiously and beyond client expectations.  

Mr. Perello’s work ethic and professionalism in the office positively affects all members at SCE and has inspired many of his co-workers to strive harder at reaching the stringent project goals set each week by the Principals of the firm.  Daren J. Phil, Executive Vice President and Principal of SCE stated, “Joe Perello’s high standard of work ethics and professionalism is the foundation that provides him continual success and ongoing opportunities. Joe demonstrates professionalism in all aspects of his job and has quickly gained respect from co-workers and clients in his new leadership position at SCE.”

At SCE, Mr. Perello’s success can be measured by the quantity of projects the firm has recently been awarded as a result of his ability to provide clients with outstanding professional services, along with project solutions unique to his expertise.  John P. Miller, President and Principal of SCE stated, “Joe Perello exemplifies SCE’s foundation of hard work, superior client relations and client services, and knowledgeable, exceptional, innovative design. His talents, experience and leadership skills have elevated SCE to new levels of excellence.”

The advancement of Mr. Perello to Vice President and Principal of the firm exemplifies SCE’s commitment to client satisfaction and providing innovative design solutions for various project types. SCE continues to expand existing areas of service and add to their impressive client network.

Joseph D. Perello, LLA, RLA, PP

Committed to Excellence, Economy, and Environment.