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SCE NEWSLETTER August 12, 2014 - "Summer... A Time to Relax, and Take a Rest"

Summer is that time of year where we all look to take a break from our busy and hectic schedules with an enjoyable and relaxing vacation with family and friends.  These vacations typically include some sort of traveling, which most likely includes driving on our state highways.  Often we take advantage of the designated Rest Areas that are provided along these roads.

This summer, SCE has been working with the New Jersey Department of Property Management & Construction (NJDPMC) and New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) on a Sewage Treatment Plant Rehabilitation project at the Rest Area in the Township of Knowlton, New Jersey, located at milepost 7 off of Route 80 East.  This Rest Area accommodates up to 10,000 visitors a day that are crossing into New Jersey from Pennsylvania.  The facility offers a multitude of services to all travelers, including a welcome center that is equipped with vending machines, beautiful rural scenic views, and most importantly bathrooms.

With the facility constructed in the early 1980’s, the sewage treatment plant (which is responsible for receiving, treating and discharging wastewater from the visitor’s center) reached the end of its useful life.  SCE was selected based on our unique and innovative design approach to construct the NEW pre-engineered package treatment plant, which will serve the needs of this facility into the future.
A primary challenge of this project was to install a new treatment plant (located next to the old treatment plant) while keeping the rest area opened and completely functioning throughout the construction phase of the project. The new 25,000 gallons per day package treatment plant, which was constructed by Pure Stream Technology, was the answer to this challenge. 

Early Thursday morning on August 7, 2014, representatives from SCE, NJDOT, DPMC, HC Contractors, Pure Stream Technology, and Jensen-Koerner Cranes were on-site while the treatment plant was delivered and set into place.  SCE’s Senior Designer, Bob Kugler, has been involved with the project since its start and commented "everything is going smoothly and according to plan" when asked about the project deliveries.

SCE’s Principal-in-charge for the project, Andrew Holt, PE, stated, "The NJDOT will now have a NEW state-of-the-art treatment facility, which requires significantly reduced operation and maintenance costs and provides a much higher quality of effluent returning to the environment.  SCE is pleased to see this project move to completion while preserving the quality of one of New Jersey’s most attractive Welcome Center and Rest Area.”

The project is scheduled for completion this fall!

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