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SUBURBAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC. (SCE) is pleased to announce that we now provide 3D scanning services! This new technology allows SCE to provide our clients with more innovative solutions at project sites, which is a main priority at SCE.  The technology reaches a multitude of services including creating topographical maps, generating 2D and 3D CAD views, and measuring distances, areas and volumes of project sites.  SCE is excited to offer our clients this cutting-edge technology to better assist with projects.

Conventional land survey mapping and measuring typically requires the man power of several survey team members and involves the collection of individual data points on a project site.   Thanks to the development of this technology, the need for these resources has been minimized.  Its high-speed ability can store 122,000 to 976,000 points per second, in comparison to an average of 8 points per minute done by conventional surveying.  These dense point clouds, which are produced by the scanner, contain millions of points which provide very detailed 3D color digital images from which not only mapping, but dimensions, site features, clearances and all kinds of important usable data can be generated in AutoCAD format.

Another great feature of this equipment is that it minimizes the need for extra return trips to the field by our surveyors for the collection of additional data.  The time saved allows SCE to continue to provide our clients with optimal services and the best project solutions. The scanner also allows for safer working environments at jobs sites for our professionals. We are able to acquire data more quickly and safely.  The increase in field productivity has also reduced the time needed to generate client deliverables.  We are able to implement the collected data faster in our database and produce higher quality work products at a faster rate.

The following is a list of services which the new scanning system serves:

  • High Resolution 3D Laser Scanning
  • Boundary and ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • Design / Engineering Surveys
  • Existing Conditions / Topographic Surveys
  • GIS Mapping
  • Process Piping
  • Settlement / Monitoring Surveys
  • Streetscape Surveys
  • Architectural Building Surveying
  • Pipeline & Utility ROW Surveying
  • Environmental Site Remediation Surveys
  • As-Built Survey
  • Historical Site Preservation

At SCE, we make it a matter of policy to always keep pace with developing technologies that can be offered to our clients on each of their unique projects.  We are already uncovering the scanners vast features and decreasing time with project deliverables.  Contact our firm today to learn more about our highly versatile scanner and how its services can benefit your projects!



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