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SUBURBAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC. (SCE) has been actively representing local and county governmental agencies throughout Northern New Jersey over the past two decades.  Our services have ranged from securing special project designs to multi-year appointments.  Successful projects have included preparation of procurement specifications for purchasing items such as street sweepers, packer trucks, ambulances and fire trucks.  Facility projects that have been completed include salt storage buildings, maintenance garages, weigh scales, fuel depots and structural repair of buildings.  SCE has been actively assisting municipalities and county governments in reconstructing and re-aligning their roadway infrastructure, including bridge replacement projects.

Special project consultation services have also been provided such as historic preservation of buildings, playgrounds, streetscapes and memorials.  Our understanding of grant programs in the state has allowed us the opportunity to secure several millions of dollars of aid for our clients.  SCE has also been available to assist in the implementation of new ordinances associated with land development, site improvements and stormwater management.


Municipal Services Offered by SCE including:

  • Municipal Engineer
  • Planning Board Engineer
  • Board of Adjustment Engineer
  • Capital Project Coordinator
  • Ordinance Preparation
  • Recycling Studies
  • Solid Waste Studies
  • Site Plans
  • Drainage Design & Roadway Design
  • Water Distribution
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Salt Storage Facility Design
  • Fuel Storage & Dispensing Facility Design
  • Parks & Recreation Facility Design
  • NJDEP Permitting
  • Green Acres Applications
  • Public Outreach Programs
  • Structural Evaluations & Assessments
  • Procurement Specifications & Grant Applications
  • Stormwater Management Coordination & Regulation
  • Dam Inspections