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Regulatory Compliance


Federal, state, and local regulations permeate through every type of project undertaken by SUBURBAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC. (SCE). We have provided our clients with assistance in the generation of strict contract documents that address all aspects of the regulatory industry.  Prior to the implementation of any project, a thorough evaluation of implications associated with agency jurisdiction is determined to establish a thorough project approach.  This process ensures complete compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.  To accomplish this task, a thorough knowledge of both the regulations involved and the process in which to ensure compliance with those regulations is key to a successfully complete project.  SCE has decades of experience in dealing with the federal, state, and local regulators and their ever-changing regulatory compliance bureaucracy.

SCE Offers the Following Regulatory Compliance Services:

  • Bureau of Freshwater Wetlands
  • Stream Encroachment/Flood Hazard Areas
  • NJDEP Stormwater Regulations
  • Highlands
  • NJDEP BUST and Site Remediation
  • NJDEP Bureau of Safe Drinking Water
  • Sewer Extension and Construction
  • Watershed Management
  • NJDOT Highway Access
  • County Road Opening

  • County Planning Board
  • BOCA and UCC
  • ADA
  • DCA
  • Water Quality Management Planning
  • TWA
  • OSHA
  • NJDEP Green Acres
  • NJDEP Dam Safety
  • Soil Conservation District

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