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DESCRIPTION: SCE was tasked with providing all professional services necessary for the reconstruction of the existing grass soccer/lacrosse field for the installation of the proposed synthetic turf, multi-sport field at Centenary College in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Services include but are not limited to survey, planning/permitting design and construction, administrative services for the proposed field, spectator seating area, scoreboard, stormwater management and site grading.  The project also includes the design of several off-site improvements as a condition of local approvals.

A thorough stormwater analysis of the project site was performed including coordination of geotechnical boring and percolation testing of the soils, evaluation and analysis of historic site drainage reports, generation of detailed stormwater models and the design of a stormwater collection, storage and discharge system to meet all local, state and federal regulations.  This analysis included design for protection of a soluble limestone bedrock layer discovered beneath the project site. 

The design of the multipurpose synthetic turf field includes field impermeable liner for bedrock protection, stormwater under drain, storage and collection system, perimeter curbing/curb-wall and fencing, an elevated spectator area with decorative bleachers, railing and wall padding, scoreboard, field access driveway and concrete walkways with decorative paver accents. The elevated bleacher area was designed to provide a grand, elevated view of the field while maintaining an existing mature planting parking lot buffer area with parking lot lighting. 

The off-site improvements included sidewalk, curbing, ADA ramps, drainage improvements, and intersection reconfiguration.  Traffic calming and pedestrian circulation improvements were also designed to address existing safety issues.  Utility relocation requirements were designed and coordinated with the local power company for implementation to facilitate proper turning clearance for emergency vehicles and truck traffic.

CLIENT: Centenary College
DATES OF SERVICES: 2013 - 2014
LOCATION: Town of Hackettstown

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