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DESCRIPTION: SCE was selected by the Morris County Park Commission as the consultant for design and construction administration services for three (3) projects that include site design of vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation improvements and utility improvements at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum site.  The first of the three (3) projects include the design of entrance road improvements including pavement, curbing drainage system, permeable sidewalks, and provisions to control wildlife from accessing through the vehicular access gates.  The second project includes the design of a new road to the maintenance facility while separating pedestrian and vehicular circulation to avoid conflicts and provide improved access, and design of stormwater management facilities that provide opportunities for environmental education. The third project involves the extension of utilities to the Park Commission headquarters and the Haggerty Education Center facilities adjacent to outdoor gathering and special function areas of the arboretum. 

The design of roadway improvements provide for improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation. Provisions for pedestrian access and ADA accessibility are provided in areas of the proposed improvements. Vehicular access in the area of the existing entrance drive was evaluated and designed to provide proper sight lines and distances. 

CLIENT: Morris County Park Commission
DATES OF SERVICES: 2011 - 2013
LOCATION: Township of Morris

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