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Oldwick Sidewalk

DESCRIPTION: In 2007 Tewksbury Township initiated the process of obtaining funding for the replacement of sidewalks within the Oldwick Village.  The Oldwick Village dates to the late 1700’s, with much of the sidewalk having been installed by the individual property owners in a piecemeal fashion throughout the past 150 years.  As such, the sidewalk was made of various materials depending on the needs, material availability, and preference of each property owner.  These included red brick, blue stone, and concrete.  Given the age of most of the existing sidewalk, severe settling and deterioration of the brick and blue stone had made the sidewalk hazardous based on today’s standards for public access for sidewalks. 

As a historic district within a community which places great value on maintaining every aspect of its’ historic nature, there was a considerable amount of effort in establishing a suitable design for the replacement sidewalk meeting all of the current sidewalk design standards while preserving the individual character of the Oldwick Village.  This required the development and presentation of multiple design scenarios and their associated costs for evaluation and approval by the Township and Village constituents. Ultimately the blue stone sidewalk installed on standard concrete sidewalk base was determined to be most in keeping with the nature of Oldwick Village.  Funding was made available through a Federal Housing and Urban Development grant. 

The first phase was the replacement of 650 feet of sidewalk along the east side of Old Turnpike Road.  The installation of six ADA compliant, handicap ramps at the intersections of Church Street, James Street, and Joliet Street were also included in this phase.  The second phase was the replacement of 750 feet of sidewalk along the opposite or west side of the same section of Old Turnpike Road and an additional 250 feet along the south side of King Street extending west from Old Turnpike Road.  This phase included the installation of two ADA compliant, handicap ramps at the intersection of King Street as well as a number of driveway crossings.

Oldwick Sidewalk Oldwick Sidewalks

CLIENT: Township of Tewksbury
DATES OF SERVICES: 2007 - 2013