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Camp Merry heart

DESCRIPTION: Camp Merry Heart facility provides summer camp housing and developmental activities for participants with special needs.  The breakout of surface discharge from the old septic disposal systems at the camp gave Easter Seals New Jersey cause to pursue the necessary corrective measures to permit construction of new subsurface disposal systems for the camp.  The site is situated in the Highlands Preservation and thereby any disturbance of construction activities required strict compliance with the regulations of the Highlands Rule.  Site topography and wetlands transition area limits also gave considerable constraints to the area.  Initially, SCE prepared permit application documents to obtain the Highlands Preservation Area Approval under a Health and Safety Waiver for remedial measures to replace the failing septic systems.  SCE performed soils testing and design services to prepare construction plans and specifications for the design of a 7,800 gallon per day pressure distribution disposal fields and pump station and small individual subsurface disposal for the camp office building.  The design plans and specifications were utilized to obtain the Treatment Works Approval permit to construct.  In addition to the NJDEP permit approvals, SCE prepared the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control application for Plan Certification of the Warren County Soil Conservation District.

SCE provided complete construction administration and inspection services throughout completion of the project.  In addition, SCE designed supplemental improvements for driveway reconstruction, ADA walkways, reconstruction of failed building foundation wall, and an emergency power system to maintain operation of the critical camp facility building uses in addition to operation of the pump station and water supply system in the case of an electrical power outage.

CLIENT: Easter Seals New Jersey
DATES OF SERVICES: 2006 - 2011
LOCATION: Township of Mansfield

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