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DESCRIPTION: ┬áThe campus located in Hopewell NJ is a research facility with a population of nearly 2,000 employees.  The campus was served by an on-site water system, but with limited capacity for expansion.  The campus identified an alternative water supply to the on-site system and arranged for the extension of service to the Campus.  The on-campus improvements necessary to accommodate the new service arrangement included water service main extensions, prefabricated potable and fire system booster stations, disinfections system, distribution network enhancements and reinforcements.

SCE also provided all surveying, base mapping, geotechnical investigation, and utilized ground penetrating radar to develop the most accurate facility base maps.

SCE prepared a detailed of alternatives evaluation of the distribution system enhancements and ultimately recommended alignments that were least disruptive to the environmentally sensitive areas on site, resulting work conducted under NJDEP permits by rule.

CLIENT:O’Brien and Gere Engineers
DATES OF SERVICES: 2006 - 2011
LOCATION: Township of Hopewell

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