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DESCRIPTION: The Fairview Lake YMCA Camp (YMCA) requested proposals for the completion of a Feasibility Study associated with the installation of proposed facilities developed as a result of a recent master planning charrette. The Feasibility Study included the re-development of the Master Plan that took into consideration the vast complexities of the surrounding environmental sensitive lands.  The feasibility study was created to address all aspects of a development plan including the establishment of phasing and construction cost estimating to assist in budget preparations. 

The scope of services included the assessment of the camp water supply, wastewater disposal, wetlands/state open waters, stream encroachment, building permits, zoning/planning requirements.  Additional areas of investigations included the evaluation of back-up power supply, green design, accessibility routes and pedestrian / vehicular circulation. Utilizing the collected and assessed data, an analysis was performed to establish all development restrictions, set by local and state agencies, of the camp.  Understanding these restrictions, SCE was able to demonstrate and convey the limitations of the expansion and successfully work with the YMCA team to develop a master plan to meet all of the Camp’s goals.

CLIENT: Fairview Lake YMCA Camps
DATES OF SERVICES: 2011 - Present
LOCATION: Township of Stillwater

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