Wellfield Improvements - Boonton

Denbrook Interceptor - Randolph Twp

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Glen Ridge Borough

Special Project Engineer - Hackettstown MUA

Green Street Water Tank - Boonton

Wellfield Tank Replacement - Boonton


DESCRIPTION: As the Borough of Glen Ridge’s newly appointed Utility Engineer, SCE assisted the Borough in working cooperatively with the Township of Montclair’s Water Bureau and Sewer Authority, with whom the Borough has an inter-municipal arrangement which includes a shared services agreement regarding both water and sewer utilities. In 2011, SCE provided the Borough with utility engineering services related to NJEIT submissions for water system improvements, sewer rehabilitation projects and water meter replacements. The scope of the sanitary sewer rehabilitation project included the cured-in-place lining of over 1800 linear feet of sanitary sewer and the rehabilitation of 31 manholes throughout the Borough. SCE provided the Borough with a revised scope for this project based on evaluation of closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection records to effectively address the specific conditions of deterioration observed.  Lining for this project is optimal as a long-term solution for offset joints and eliminating root intrusion given the good structural integrity of the host pipe.  It also provided minimal impact to the community during construction as all of the activities were maintained within the pipe and manholes of the sewer system.  The same approach was utilized for the manhole rehabilitation design.  As these structures are consistently in good structural condition, a cementitious coating system with sealant covering had been specified to address the infiltration along the mortar joints.  As these are NJEIT funded projects, coordination with NJDEP was mandatory in maintaining this funding without re-application.  SCE provided engineering services through the construction phase of this project to insure compliance with the design plans and specifications as well as the NJEIT funding program requirements. 

CLIENT: Borough of Glen Ridge
DATES OF SERVICES: 2011 - 2013

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