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DESCRIPTION: SCE provides construction administration and inspection services on various projects contracted by the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority (HMUA).  Such projects have consisted of roof reconstruction at water and wastewater facility buildings; rehabilitation of existing 410,000 gallon primary and secondary anaerobic digester tanks including surface preparation and painting of steel cover, gas burning control system; and HMUA maintenance and operations facility improvements.

As an independent consultant apart from the design team or contractor, HMUA benefits from these services in seeing the projects completed with the HMUA’s best interest with an independent viewpoint in mind.  SCE has been providing the HMUA with “watch dog” duties during construction to assure contractor compliance with contract specifications as well as general oversight responsibilities pertaining to cost controls to limit change orders, process requests for payments, schedule and closeout.

During the initial phase of a project, SCE provides a thorough technical review of material and equipment submittals and shop drawings to assure they comply with contract documents.  At times the existing conditions of a project require adjustments to assemblies in order to finalize installation.  The experience of SCE provides the owner with recommendations that will meet operational and contract design parameters for intended system performance.


1. Major yard piping improvements consisting of 36” ductile iron fittings, pipe, and valves to improve treatment flow capacity and conditions for flexibility between process units.

2. Major modification and equipment improvements to plant headworks for screening and washing to reduce solids in waste stream process.

3. Installation of new 100 horsepower high efficiency motors and new ultra low harmonic drives to replace older less efficient electrical driven raw sewage pumps and control systems.

4. Major process modifications to existing primary digester mixing and heating system, equipment and process control.

CLIENT: Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority (HMUA)
DATES OF SERVICES: 2006 - 2011
LOCATION: Town of Hackettstown

Committed to Excellence, Economy, and Environment.