Wellfield Improvements - Boonton

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Green Street Water Tank - Boonton

Wellfield Tank Replacement - Boonton


DESCRIPTION: The Town of Boonton derives two-thirds of its water supply from a well field along the Rockaway River, containing five production wells.  Three of these five wells have undergone significant improvement projects in the past years, all designed by SCE.  Well 1, constructed in 1938, originally produced 250 gallons per minute; however its supply capacity had significantly fallen to below 50 gallons per minute.  SCE, with assistance from hydrogeologists from Vincent Uhl Associates, developed a replacement well exploration and test well program.  The replacement well was constructed to achieve a greater supply capacity, and ultimately tested at 800 gallons per minute.  Allocation from other wells was transferred to this new facility. 

In order to maximize the project within the limited budget, SCE developed separate contracts for the drilling and the mechanical/electrical work of the well house renovations.  This approach yielded the completed project within budget and on schedule.  Work items included BSDW permitting, project funding/grant coordination, design and inspection services, and project start-up and testing assistance.  Similar successes have been achieved on similar projects for replacement well 4R (2003) and replacement well 2R (2008).

CLIENT: Town of Boonton Water Department
LOCATION: Town of Boonton

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