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Boonton Tank

DESCRIPTION: The Town of Boonton derives two-thirds of its water supply from a well field along the Rockaway River, containing five production wells.  The water from these wells is treated at the onsite plant and stored in a 1 MG steel water storage tank located within the 100 year flood zone and a portion of the total height of the tank had no useful head pressure to the water distribution system. Following investigation of the tank, it was determined that a new tank was needed and that the tank would need to be relocated as to avoid the previously identified issues.

SCE performed an analysis of the water distribution system and analyzed the site constraints to properly size and locate the tank.  The work included the construction of a new 0.75 MG steel water storage tank, associated footing, vault chamber and connection to the existing water distribution system.  The project will also involve a second phase for the demolition of the existing tank and restoration of the area.  Since the project is located outside the Town of Boonton, the project was prepared and presented to the local planning board for approval.

The project also included all associated permitting from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) including wetlands, flood hazard area, soil erosion and sediment control, and Bureau of Water Systems and Well Permitting. In order to assist the Town in funding the project, SCE worked with the Town to obtain funding from the New Jersey Infrastructure Trust Program and the Morris County Community Development Block Grant Program. 


1. Construct new 0.75 MG steel water storage tank while maintaining service from existing tank.

2. Meet the strict requirements of the New Jersey Infrastructure Trust Program.

3. Design adjacent to flood hazard area of the Rockaway.

4. Interconnection of new water main to active water distribution system.

5. Installation of cathodic protection and tank level and pressure instrumentation.

6. Demolition and restoration of the existing 1MG steel.

CLIENT: Town of Boonton Water Department
DATES OF SERVICES: 2009 - Present
LOCATION: Town of Boonton

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